"Behdati" Abayomi

The Quiet Storm


Experience Points: Current: 1000 / To Next Level: 3000

Character Name: “Behdati” Abayomi

Player: Timothy Neenan

Class and Level: Were-Tiger 1st

Race: Human
Farm Boy

Alignment: True Neutral

Deity: Ehlonna

Size: Medium

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Height: 5’9’

Weight: 140 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel-Orange

Hair: Bronze-Black

Skin: Caramel

STR: 20 – 5

DEX: 12 – 1

CON: 18 – 4

INT: 10 – 0

WIS: 18 – 4

CHA: 6 – -2

HP: 12

AC: 20 = 10 + 1 DEX + 9 Natural Armour

Touch: 11

Flat-Footed: 19

Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares)

Initiative: 1 = 1 DEX + 0 MISC

Damage Reduction: 0

Fortitude: 6 = 2 Base + 4 Ability

Reflex: 3 = 2 Base + 1 Ability

Will: 4 (0) = 0 Base + 4 Ability + Misc(-4 vs. Enchantment)

Base Attack Bonus: 0

Spell Resistance: 0

Grapple: 5 = 0 BAB + 5 STR



Attack Bonus +6 melee

Damage 1D8+5 Melee

Critical x2

Range 5 ft.

Type Slashing


Attack Bonus +6 melee

Damage 1D6+5

Critical x2

Range 5 ft.

Type Piercing


Balance 1 = 1 Misc

Bluff -2 = -2 Ability

Climb 5 = 5 Ability

Concentration 4 = 4 Ability

Diplomacy -2 = -2 Ability

Disguise -2 = -2 Ability

Escape Artist 0 = 1 Ability – 1 Misc

Gather Information -2 = -2 Ability

Handle Animal -2 = -2 Ability

Hide 1 = 1 Misc

Intimidate -2 = -2 Ability

Jump 5 = 5 Ability

Listen 10 = 4 Ability + 4 Ranks + 2 Misc

Move Silently 1 = 1 Misc

Open Lock 1 = 1 Misc

Ride 1 = 1 Misc

Sense Motive 0 = 4 Ability – 4 Misc

Spot 10 = 4 Ability + 4 Ranks + 2 Misc

Swim 9 = 5 Ability + 4 Ranks

Use Rope 1 = 1 Misc


(Farm Boy) Agricultural Weapon Proficiency (Sledge Hammer)

This feat allows the character to select one agricultural
weapon (see Chapter 6, Tools of the Humans), which he
then knows how to use as a combat weapon, rather than
an agricultural tool.

(Bonus Feat; Were Tiger) Alertness

+2 Bonus on Listen and Spot checks

(1st LV) Weapon Focus (Claw)

You gain a +1 bonus on all attacks rolls with your selected weapon.

(Bonus Feat; Human) Weapon Focus (Bite)

You gain a +1 bonus on all attacks rolls with your selected weapon.

(Bonus Feat; Lycanthrope) Control Shape

Allow you to resist involuntary changes

(Bonus Feat; Lycanthrope) Improved Natural Armour

Your Natural Armour increases by 1

(Bonus Feat; Flaw) Multiattack

Penalties on secondary attacks become -2

(Bonus Feat; Flaw) Improved Multiattack

No penalty on secondary attacks

(Bonus Feat; Flaw) Extra Rage

You can Rage an additional 2 times per day

Traits and Flaws

Stout (Trait)

Benefit: You gain a +2 bonus on checks against Bull Rush and Overrun attempts.
Drawback: You take a -1 penalty on Escape Artist checks.

Nightsighted (Trait)

Benefit: You gain a +10 ft. to your Darkvision.
Drawback: You take a -1 penalty on Spot checks in bright light.

Farsighted (Trait)

Benefit: You gain a +1 Spot checks.
Drawback: You take a -2 penalty on Search checks.

Shaky (Flaw)

Benefit: +1 Bonus Feat.
Drawback: You take a -2 penalty on all ranged attack rolls.

Murky Eyed (Flaw)

Benefit: +1 Bonus Feat.
Drawback: In combat, every time you attack an opponent that has concealment, roll your miss chance twice. If either or both results indicate tat you miss, your attack fails.

Pathetic (Flaw)

Benefit: +1 Bonus Feat.
Drawback: Reduce one of your ability scores by two. (CHA)

Special Abilities

(Were-Tiger) Alternate Form

Can shape-shift into a Tiger

(Were-Tiger/Feral) Low-Light Vision

Can see twice as far than a normal Human in candle-light, torchlight and moonlight

(Broodguard) Rage (3/day)

4 STR, +4 CON, +2 Will saves, -2 AC. Lasts for 3CON (7) rounds.

(Broodguard) Poison Immunity

Immune to all snake poison.

(Broodguard) Mental Resistance

Immune to all Hold and Charm effects.

Improved Grab

If he hits an opponent that is at least one size category smaller than himself with a claw attack, it deals normal damage and attempts to start a grapple as a free action without provoking an attack of opportunity. If he gets a hold, he can rake if he has that ability. Alternatively, he has the option to conduct the grapple normally, or simply use its claw to hold the opponent (-20 penalty on grapple check but he is not considered grappled). In either case, each successful grapple check he makes during successive rounds automatically deals claw damage.

Pounce LV4

If he leaps upon a foe during the first round of combat, he can make a full attack even though he has already moved.

Rake LV8

If he successfully grapples an opponent he can make two rake attacks at its full melee attack bonus with its hind legs. Each successful attack does normal claw damage plus 1/2 its STR bonus (rounded down). If he pounces an opponent, he can also rake.

Rend LV12

If he hits with both claw attack, he latches onto the opponent’s body and tears the flesh. This automatically deals double damage plus double STR modifier.

Darkvision 70 ft., improves to 100 ft. at lv 8 and to 130 ft. at lv 12.

An extraordinary ability that he possesses that enables him to see in the dark. He has a 70 ft. range.

Fast Healing 2, improves to 3 at lv 4, to 4 at lv 8 and to 5 at lv 12

Each round he recovers 2 HP at the start of his turn. Outside of combat, he recovers 20 HP per minute.

Bonus Skill Points

He gains +4 skill points at 1st level and +1 skill point at each level thereafter.




Other Possessions

Backpack w/ Waterskin 6 lb.

Flint and Steel 0 lb.

Rations x10 1 lb. (10 lb.)

Silk Rope 5 lb.

Tent 20 lb.

Soapx2 2 lb.

Cure Light Potion .1 lb.

Holy Wooden Symbol of Ehlonna -

Loincloth -

Total Weight Carried 44.78 lb.

Light Load 133 lb.

Medium Load 266 lb.

Heavy Load 400 lb.

Lift Over Head 400 lb.

Lift Off Ground 800 lb.

Push Or Drag 2, 000 lb.


Copper 7 0.14 lb.

Silver 9 0.18 lb.

Gold 18 0.36 lb.

Platinum 0 0 lb.


Abayomi is from a pack of Were-Tigers known as the Behdati. He’s one of the few Lycanthropes of the pack that’s a natural and not afflicted. As such, being born a Lycanthrope allowed him to be in the pack since birth, giving him interesting duties. From a young age, he performed plant gathering and re-planting duties until he reached an age where he could begin learning to hunt. In his teenage years, the pack began to settle briefly from time to time, allowing him to begin work in anchoring longhouses and tents.

As an adult, he was expected to breed and never quite found any in the pack in his favour. They were all family to him, the newest member being there for 6 years and was almost twice his age. He could think of breeding with any of them as none of them excited him.

His story begins in a day where he goes on a solo hunt and stumbles upon the scent of another Lycanthrope. Recognizing it as a non-Tiger and thus, open for hunt, he stalks her long enough to ensure she’s alone and charges her. In the midst of their struggle she ended up pinning him despite his obvious advantages over her and they both pause just as they’re about to strike each other again. There was an obvious deep attraction to one another that couldn’t be explained but could very easily be felt from both sides.

In an startled moment, the two break from each other attempting to figure out why their instincts suddenly turned from kill to mate in a matter of seconds. It was then, however, in the first in his 7 years of adult-hood had he ever felt attracted to a female. As such, the two decided to travel together and he abandoned his pack, knowing such an attraction couldn’t occur within it. This decision happened two sunrises ago.

"Behdati" Abayomi

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